sheltering starry skies


dream date: we get chinese food delivered, it’s raining, i take a shower in your shower (it must be a nice shower with good water pressure), you let me wear your clothes after i shower, you have a cat that i can pet, we watch movies, i fall asleep in your bed for like fifteen hours, you fall in love with me

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Anonymous said: Everything will be okay. I say this bc something similar happened to my family as well. Home isn't always a roof over your head, but it's who you're with and whatever makes you happy at the end of the day. Took a long time for me to realize. 

Thank you very much. Hopefully it doesn’t take me a long time to realize that

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Guess I will try and sleep now. Please, anyone, send positive vibes to me and my family - we could definitely use them.

Thank you in advance,

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The last night

Laying in bed with so many thoughts going through my head….
Tonight is the last night that I’m sleeping in this house I’ve lived in for most of my life. The house that my dad built from the groud up. The house with a huge yard where us kids and Rocky had endless hours of fun. The house where the crickets are always chirping and the parkway is always roaring.
I’m dreading going to sleep tonight - I know I’m going to cry. (Backstory: long story short, my selfish mother, who left, wasn’t paying the mortgage and then gave over the house to the bank).
Every time I swallow it hurts. I feel so much anger and sadness and nostalgia all at once. I don’t know how to grasp these memories. I feel like once I leave I’ll forget them (okay, now I’m crying). And I don’t want to forget; that’s my biggest fear in life is forgetting and losing my memory.

I just wish things were easier for me and my family.

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